McFaddin's Kennels Services

Pet Boarding

When you're going away for a family vacation, but can't find anyone to watch your four-legged buddy it can sour the fun experience of the trip. That's why we here at McFaddin's Kennels offer pet boarding for you to trust your furry family members to.

Our staff are pet owners themselves so we all understand how hard it can be to trust someone else with your pets. That's why we guarantee that your furry friends will be well cared for and loved while you're away. So don't worry when you can't find a friend to pet sit for you, but let us watch over your fluffy friend.

Dog Boarding

Your extended trip is coming up and no one is available to watch your dog while you're away. Instead of worrying yourself into a tizzy let us at McFaddin's Kennels care for your favorite pooch. By taking advantage of our dog boarding services you're making sure your pup will have the safest and most fun while you're away.

Our dog boarding service is great for those that either make frequent trips or just need some time away from the daily grind. Now you never want to get away from your dog, but when it's a necessary evil leave them with a staff that are as much an animal lover as yourself.

Cat Boarding

Cats are some of the most independent animals alive in the world. We know that we can leave our cats alone for a couple days and as long as there is access to food and water for that time, they'll be fine.

That doesn't mean longer trips away from home don't cause some worry and now it doesn't have to. With McFaddin's Kennels you can be sure with our cat boarding services that on your longer trips, your cat will be well cared for and fed. No more trying to find someone you trust enough to come over and check on your cat, now you can know they're being well loved while you're away and can look forward to seeing them when you come home.


When we think of kennels most people don't have a good image in mind. They can smell and be full of animals that aren't happy, but here it's different. At McFaddin's Kennels our staff strives to make sure every animal that is brought to our care is clean, happy, and healthy.

Don't let the ingrained idea of a kennel keep you from visiting and checking us out for yourselves. We take great pride in making sure every pet owner and pet is taken care of when they come through our doors. Our staff are all animal lovers, so you know our kennels will be a safe place to leave your furry family member for any period of time.

Pet Hotel

For all the times you go away from home for a vacation, our pet hotel has you covered on how your fuzzy family members will be cared for. For the best price in the area and the best care for your pet, our pet hotel will make sure when you leave them with us we treat them as our own.

You shouldn't worry about what can happen when you leave your pet with us and you don't need to. Our staff is well-trained in all manner of pet care, whether through their own ownership of pets or through classes. Your furry one will be treated with the utmost love and care that we can provide until you come home.

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